The Dawn of Time – Mud Codebase

1 June 2002

Well, it is finally here – The long awaited Dawn 1.69q is now available for download from the codebase news page!   

This is the first release where there is complete packaging of source, helps, areas and system files.  The help files have had a lot of work for the first time in over a year (by Paradigm and myself).  The areas have had a few enhancements to use some of the latest features (lockers, and renting).  Socials now include colour thanks to work performed on Stormbringer and Myridian Fields.  I still plan to write more help files but it takes a long time and has already held up the Q release for two weeks.

The majority of changes in this release are of a more technical nature.  The most obvious is the use of ` to prefix colour characters (instead of {)… this has been changed to make it easier to add support for a scripting language in the future.  For those upgrading from older versions of dawn, the code has functionality to convert pretty much every file read in with a colour code areas, helps, clans, socials, notes etc.  This process isn’t 100% straight forward and I am willing to help anyone with this upgrade.  I am actually willing to help anyone upgrade to 1.69q for people who have already started a mud using an earlier release (patching or otherwise)… this is because I would like 1.69q the oldest version used (I don’t want us in 1 years time to see dawn snippets released for the old colour format).    If you want to contact me regarding getting your code converted click the contact link and send me an email.

In terms of visible new features included in 1.69q, there are a few, these include: – Flashing colour support  – Lockers – Contients are no longer hard coded – Rent command to set your recall for a period of time

– Support for dawnftp – a modified version of mudftp which accepts connections using the main mud port.

In addition the code now compiles with no warnings/errors on more compilers than ever before – including Cygwin, GCC version 3 and OpenBSD.

And of course there have also been a number of bug fixes :).

– Kal