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Race and Class and combinations are no longer restricted. Additional race choices available for Alpha 2.

The following races will be available during Alpha 2:

  • dawn elf
  • dusk elf
  • dwarf
  • faerie
  • giant
  • gnome
  • goblin
  • half-elf
  • half-orc
  • halfling
  • human
  • kobold
  • lizardman
  • ogre
  • orc
  • troll

All classes are open to all races.  The experience point penalties for "rare" race/class combinations have been removed.  All races/classes now require the exact same number of experience points to level up.  Even across the board folks.  Freedom.

You can still min/max your race and class combination if you like by choosing a race that has racial modifiers that compliment your class choice. You'll want to consider the immunity, resistance, and vulnerability of that race as well.

If you want to play a more unusual race/class combination or "play against type" there's nothing stopping you from doing so.