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Server Migration & Codebase Upgrade

Lands of Oneiro has moved to for hosting.  For information about free MUD hosting, make sure to stop by Vineyard!  Without Opie's generosity, development on Lands of Oneiro would have come to a grinding halt.  The website and forums are now back up live.

Marc Garrett (Daos on the Dawn of Time Forums) has generously given the source code files from The Darkening Sun for use in Lands of Oneiro.  This is extremely exciting news!  Daos is one of the most proficient and helpful programmers from The Dawn of Time forums.  His help along, with a few others, really got me started in programming all of those years ago when I ran Athens The MUD.  Daos continued developing the Dawn of Time engine long after the last official beta release.  He's made some wonderful additions and cleaned up the codebase significantly.  I'm currently working on integrating the source code from The Darkening Sun and the code changes I've made so far to LoO.