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Updates from Recent Feedback and Testing

  • Added contingencies for typos during the first quest to type LOOK. Will now accept LOO, LO, or just L.
  • Updated login prompt to clarify how to start character generation: Character Name: (If this is your first time, type NEW). 
  • Streamlined character generation. Removed: extended colors, RP-only option, RP sheet, paging, and auto-answer. Options are still available in the game, but no longer available during character generation.
  • Corrected dungeon level text in the portal's description for The Church to: This is a level 2-3 DUNGEON. The dungeon had been rebalanced to Level 3 last week but the portal text information was out of date.
  • Gave all shopkeepers wealth, so they can buy items from players.
  • Increased the number and variety of items to be found in crates.
  • Gave cultists equipment and wealth to be looted.
  • Corrected reported spelling errors.