Dawn Elves

Armed with the prophecy and charged to defeat to the evil forces of Zanthi The Destroyer, a continent of dawn elves have only recently arrived on Akir to wage war against oblivion.

Ancient history tells the dawn elves of a holy inquisition against their former kin. How the dawn elves will react upon finding their oldest enemies is unknown.

Dusk Elves

Hidden in the subterranean kingdom of Zaltyra, the discrete dusk elves keep a vigilant watch for signs of their zealous kin.

The Sorcerer King Kyranos rules over his people with an iron fist but is unaware that far greater threat looms over Akir then a possible second inquisition from the dawn elves.


The dwarves of Akir face a previously unknown crisis. Strange cultists worshiping forbidden elder gods have infiltrated the fortified mountain city of Lamorth.

Divided by conflicting agendas, The Council struggles to protect the neighboring fishing, mining and agricultural settlements from new dangers arriving from oblivion.


Humans are the most widespread of all the races on Akir. They can be found in almost any settlement and thrive in numerous environments.

The most adventurous of humans find their way to Redport, the heart of Akirari commerce and trade. The largest city on the continent harbors many secrets.


Once isolated by the turbulent waters of The Akirari Sea, the island tribes of orcs now adjust to an ever expanding world filled with strange peoples and magic. While many view outsiders with suspicion, a few younger orcs are leaving the islands to explore the greater world.

As horrors rise from the watery depths around them, the orcs face challenges from all sides. It is a conflict they cannot avoid.