Clerics are revered for their powerful healing magics and defensive combat skills.


  • mace – the weapon of choice for any cleric
  • scan – allows you to look before you leap
  • meditation – recover your mana quickly
  • scrolls – allows you to study and cast magics written on parchment


  • combat – communes used in combat
  • convocation – communes that call for direct divine intervention`
  • death – communes to drain or empower the life force
  • healing – communes to alter the physical health
  • protection – communes that grant protection


Thieves are specialists of covert actions and have the widest range of skills available.


  • backstab – the art of attacking from the shadows
  • dagger – the weapon of choice for thieves, ideal for backstabbing
  • dodge – avoid blows in combat
  • hide – the art of remaining undetected in a room
  • mace – the use of maces and other blunt weapons
  • peek – used to look into a person’s belongings
  • dirt kicking – skill of trickery to blind your victim with dirt
  • sneak – move undetected from room to room
  • steal – any thief is adept in retrieving objects
  • pick lock – a useful skill for breaking and entering
  • disarm – used to deprive your opponent of his weapon
  • second attack – with training, the skilled thief can hit twice as fast